Iran ranks first in Behcup Competitions; Peace & Friendship Cup

Press TV- Iran men’s national A Behcup team has delivered an outstanding performance at Behcup International Competitions; the cup of peace and friendship, in the country’s northeastern shrine city of Mashhad, and finished as the champion of the contests.

The Syrian squad ranked second, while Iran B team and Iraq shared the third podium at the conclusion of the sporting event at Mashhad’s Payam-e Noor University on Friday.

Meanwhile, Iranian behcup player Hossein Ltfi stood atop the podium in the individual division of the tournament, and was followed by Ali Mohammad Mirza – a representative from India. Iranian sportsman Davoud Nikbakht sat in the third place.

Behcup International Competitions; the cup of peace and friendship, were staged in Mashhad on January 6, 2017. The tournament attracted athletes from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Behcup is a sport similar to putting in golf. The only difference is that balls are putted through a goal line and not into a hole. The objective of the sport is to guide a ball positioned by an opponent, into the goal line.

The sport is played in a field measuring 6 X 8m to 8 X 20m, with 10 golf or tennis balls and a club. Behcup matches are played in singles or as teams.

A match is played for one to six sets, where each set consists of 10 shots from each player. A player positioning the ball in the field is called the baller, who has 10 second to position the ball within the playing area, and the player putting the ball, called the cupper, has 15 seconds to hit a shot. Teams alternate to take shots and position the ball.