Battle for Mosul Day 78: Key district in eastern Mosul liberated

FNA- The comprehensive military campaign by Iraqi military forces to liberate the Northern city of Mosul from ISIL militants continued on Tuesday as the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces kept up with their advances in the Eastern part of the city and managed to liberate another strategic district after fierce clashes.

Iraqi Forces Recapture Key District in Eastern Mosul

The Iraqi counterterrorism forces continued their advances in the Eastern part of the city of Mosul and managed to liberate another strategic district in fierce clashes.

“Al-Sanayee (industrial) district is now under the full control of the Iraqi forces as the ISIL terrorists have been driven out of the district,” the Arabic-language media quoted informed Iraqi local sources as saying on Tuesday.

Al-Sanayee is located in al-Karameh region in Eastern Mosul.

Iraqi Forces Win Back Key District in Western Mosul

The Iraqi Forces continued their advances in the Western part of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province and seized back a strategic district.

“The Iraqi forces are now in full control of al-Ma’arez district in Western Mosul as they have purged terrorists from the area,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed military source as saying on Tuesday.

He went on to say that the retaking of al-Ma’arez district comes as Commander of Iraq’s Counterterrorism Department Abdul Ghani al-Assadi announced last Thursday that the second phase of the Mosul liberation operation had started.

Iraqi Air Force Kills 90 Fleeing Terrorists on Road South of Shirqat

An Iraqi official announced on Tuesday the killing of more than 90 terrorists in an aerial bombardment against ISIL gatherings on the junction of Tikrit-Shirqat, 10 km South of Shirqat.

“A group of terrorists were trying to smuggle a number of ISIL leaders in Shirqat areas near Syrian border, but security forces and tribal fighters had engaged them, preventing them from fleeing the area,” said the mayor of Shirqat district Ali Dodah, Badr News reported.

He indicated that the Iraqi air force’s intervention during the operation has killed more than 90 militants.

Hashd Al-Shaabi Repels ISIL’s Attack on Beiji-Mosul Road, Kills 50 Terrorists

The Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) repelled ISIL’s large-scale attack on Beiji-Mousl road, killing tens of terrorists and destroying their military hardware, including their armored vehicles.

Sources privy to Hashd al-Shaabi disclosed that at least 50 ISIL terrorists were killed and several of their vehicles were destroyed in fierce clashes.

Meantime, the Iraqi volunteer forces blocked the ISIL terrorists’ advances from Beiji to Sharqat road, killing and injuring several of them.