Iran envoy foresees new chapter in region after sanctions removal

Beirut, Jan 14, IRNA – Iranian ambassador to Lebanon said he is hopeful that following lifting of sanctions a new chapter will open in the Middle East region.

Following a meeting here on Wednesday with Wadih el Khazen, President of Lebanon’s Central Marunite Council Mohammad, Mohammad Fathali also expressed the hope that Tehran-Beirut relations will prosper in 2016.
The Iranian envoy called for solidarity and cooperation in the fight against Tekfiri terrorism and said that the region is suffering from such deep threats.
El Khazen termed Tehran a supporter of national dialog in Lebanon and said Iran is the country of affection and dialog.
He said the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers was a historical event and hoped that all complex cases in the region will be settled.
Fathali stressed that Iran does not interfere in the domestic affairs in Lebanon including its presidential elections.